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Twin Center Bag

Twin Center Bag
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The Twin Center bag come in three sizes to accommodate different hull sizes. They are designed to fit side by side in the area closest to the center section of your kayak. These bags incorporate a waterproof zipper which is angled across the top and allows easier access to all your gear.  Each bag comes with a handle on the end, for easy carrying and pulling out of the hatch.

The Twin Center bag can be loaded either inside or outside the kayak. The zipper makes them easy to close once they are in the hull. If you plan on using the bag on the outside of your kayak, you may want to order it with D-Ring attachments. Please specify where you would like them in the comments section.

All our bags are made of embossed urethane coated fabric which helps the bags slip in and out of the kayak without sticking.

Color: Blue, Green, Yellow



8" W, 18" H, 7" D

8.5" W, 20" H, 7" D

LG Size: 9.5" W, 22" H, 8" D
9.5" W, 22" H, 8" D



Add D-rings?
+2 add $8.00
+4 add $16.00


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